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About Us

HOW Campers - Team


Hugo, Luis and Rodrigo, these are our names.

Photography, Traveling and Sports are the fuel that drives us forward. Working together and creating Hostel On Wheels, easy. Why not? We`ve been friends for more than 20 years. We love Campervans, Road Trips and Sunset with family and friends. We love Landscapes, Camping and Surfing with family and friends. Did we mention our family and friends? And barbecue, we love a good barbecue…oh and grilled sardines, Lisbon festivities and red wine.

HOW Campers - Hugo


The artist, loves Africa and wilderness and getting those perfect moments on the lens.

HOW Campers - Luis


the traveler. Give him a backpack and a plane ticket and you make him the happiest man on the planet. Hugo and him visited more than 50 countries together.

HOW Campers - Rodrigo


The bold headed one, the family guy, wife and kids, the all 9 yards. Talks a lot, with everybody, never shuts up. Loves to ski and surf, always pushing us for sports.

Our professional goal? Simple…make Hostel On Wheels the most reliable Campervan hiring company in Portugal. And HoW? By providing the best service, filling up our client’s needs, operating with a modern fleet, planning your holidays to every detail and last, but by no means least, make sure you don´t miss any bit of this amazing country.

Open your window for a different view every morning…

Open your window for Portugal.

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