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Selo Clean & Safe

Our priority is to keep our customers safe during this adventure in our campervans.  To ensure that everyone is safe during this pandemic,  we have established a set of rules and procedures to be followed by our staff and customers .

Health comes first, so we give you flexibility and peace of mind.

Cancel without a cause up to 30 days from the beginning of your booking:

Up to 30 days from the beginning of your booking, you’ll are entitled to a full reimburse of the amount payed.

Up to 48h before the start of your reservation you are entitled for a full reimburse of your reservation if the reason of cancelation is a COVID 19 restriction.

You can ask for a full reimburse if the reason is related to a COVID 19 restriction. To do so, you need to present an official document stating the reason why you’re not able to travel or to freely move, making it impossible to pick up the vehicle or to drive in Portuguese territory.

All other cancelation reasons apply general “Terms and Conditions”.

Our work begins even before the customer arrives. We carry out a careful and thorough cleaning and disinfection of all vehicles. In compliance with the recommendations of the Directorate-General of Health of Portugal (DGS), we have implemented strict policy to clean and disinfect our vehicles and facilities according to the following rules:

    1. Hygiene Routines
      Equipment to be used by the employee
      The employee who performs the cleaning of the vehicle must be equipped with a surgical mask, gloves and protective clothing.
      Hands should be washed before placement and after removing gloves.
    2. How to Perform the Hygiene Routines
      The hygiene routines have two stages:
      – Cleaning: removal of waste and any objects that are inside the vehicle and that are not part of it;
      – Disinfection: cleaning of vehicle surfaces with a product suitable for the removal of viruses, bacteria and fungi, which should be effective in eliminating the COVID-19 virus.
      The surfaces to be cleaned, in particular those referred to in point 4., must be cleaned as follows:
      1. Clean with a cloth moistened with water and detergent;
      2. Disinfect with a cloth moistened with disinfectant or alcohol at 70º;
      3. Leave it to dry.
    3. Site were the Hygiene Routines are Performed
      The cleaning of the vehicles must be carried out, whenever possible, in the final position of the vehicles, this means, in the place where the delivery to the customer should occur.
      Thus, it is intended that, after cleaning, the first contact with the vehicle is made by the customer, reducing the risk of contamination and spread of COVID-19.
      Whenever the vehicle has to be delivered outside the premises of the Rental Company, the driver who delivers the vehicle must do so equipped with a surgical mask and gloves.
    4. Vehicle Hygiene Procedures
      All vehicle surfaces, whose contact with the driver and/or passengers is foreseeable, must be cleaned with the disinfectant product indicated in point 2., with special attention to the following areas:
      – Steering wheel, including all controls and features therein (eg horn, windshield wiper handle, vehicle headlight activation and deactivation handle, etc.);
      – Gear shift handle;
      – Handles, exterior and interior, of all doors, including luggage compartment handle;
      – Vehicle instrument panel, including climate control buttons, radio, CD player, emergency lights button, GPS, etc.;
      – Interior rear mirror;
      – All power window control buttons;
      – Side mirror control buttons;
      – Hand break / Parking handle;
      – All vehicle seat belts and seat belt “buttons”;
      – Glove box, including opening handle;
      – Interior lights on/off switches;
      – Fuel tank cover;
      – Vehicle seat adjuster (height adjuster, backrest adjuster, neckrest adjuster, vehicle pedal distance adjuster);
      – Vehicle keys;
    5. Sanitary Vehicle Identification
      After the vehicle has been sanitized, an identifying sign (eg “tie”) must be placed so that it is easily recognized that the vehicle was the subject to the hygiene routines.
    6. Use of Sanitized Vehicle
      After cleaning and disinfecting the vehicles, the entry of anyone other than the customer is prohibited, except when the vehicle must be delivered outside the premises of the Rental Company.
      In case of need to enter or use a vehicle marked as sanitized, the identifying sign provided for in “5” must be removed. The vehicle must be cleaned, disinfected and identified as sanitized again.

Take a look on how we clean and disinfect our campervans

When our customers arrive at our facilities to collect the campervan: 

– The customer must have already sent all the information requested in the confirmation email, so that the contract is ready.

– The customer must have already seen the video explaining the operation of the campervan, which was sent in the booking confirmation email, in order to minimize the time and contact during the process of lifting the campervan;

– Access to our facilities is limited to 1 person. Being the person who is responsible for signing the contract and collecting the vehicle;

– The use of a mask is mandatory within our facilities, as well as the disinfection of hands at the entrance;

– The safety distance for any other persons in the establishment must be respected (Safety distance> 1.5 m)


After being on board the campervan…. ENJOY YOUR DREAM VACATION! 😊😊

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